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7 Questions with Grace and Lena

Here at The CurIOus Podcast, Grace and Lena are always striving to push boundaries in conversations about science and technology. In this no-frills interview, we find out more about what drives them.

Gender Equality Report From AWARE

Gender equality issues arise in all industries. Equal opportunities and pay are just only the tip of the iceberg. Other issues loom from sexual harassment and sexual violence at work place and at home to challenges faced by mothers returning to work.

How Do You Get Recognized as a Woman in Tech?

Women in tech are getting the recognition they deserve
In the past decade, new books, articles, and films have set the record straight and changed our understanding about the importance of women’s contributions to technology.

Rise in women scientists and engineers in Singapore

Many inventions by women have made a huge difference to industries and peoples’ lives throughout the world. From the dishwasher and ice cream maker to penicillin and computer software, women have been at the forefront of science and engineering for the last 100 years.