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About The CurIOus Podcast

The Curious Podcast unpacks the impressive journeys of women in Tech and Science in Asia. They share the secrets of their success with hosts Grace Chng and Lena Soh-Ng. Every 25-minute episode features a different leader in this industry. 

New episodes uploaded weekly.

Podcasts by women in Tech, for women in Tech.

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Meet the Team

We are communication professionals with a passion for Science and Tech. Our interests lie in Quantum Computing, Media Streaming, Biotech, Game Design, AI, Data Analytics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Computational Biology.

Grace Chng
Author and Tech Journalist

Grace Chng is a veteran tech writer. She curates the SG100WIT List. Science and technology are fast growing sectors, offering women many opportunities for self-growth and contributing to society. Grace is passionate about attracting more girls to study science and technology so that they can enjoy satisfying careers.

Lena Soh-Ng
Senior Comms Advisor , Distilleri Sg

Lena Soh-Ng is a well-known communicator who believes that tech and science makes the world go round, after love, of course. Lena started her career in broadcasting and switched to PR and Comms over the last 30 years, chairing global PR boards. She believes that podcasts are a fun way of learning new things.